June 2015 Newsletter

Sassy little calves this year!
Sassy little calves this year!

Ranch news: Over the past 2 months we welcomed 31 new little steer and heifer calves, as well as 12 little piglets to our ranch family. In my opinion, it doesn’t get much cuter than week old calves chasing each other around the pasture. Now that we’re confident all the mama cows and calves, and sows and piglets are healthy and happy, we’re switching our focus to

infrastructure improvements. Given the exceptional drought we are having this summer (which unfortunately looks a lot like the shape of things to come), irrigation improvements are rising to the top of the list. Somewhat non-intuitively, adding elk fencing around the eastern fields also goes on the list of preparations for warmer, drier summers. Adding elk fencing on the eastern fields will allow us to add that acreage in to our grazing rotations without worrying that the local elk herd will inadvertently take out the temporary hot fence we use in our intensive rotation system. Practicing intensive rotational grazing benefits in more recovery time for fall and early spring pasture re-growth as well as improved soil fertility and water retention.

Upcoming events: July 26th and July 27th we will be hosting a weekend work party! Come help us put up some new elk fencing and enjoy late lunch BBQ and swimming in the river after the work is done. Please RSVP to Hilary@NehalemRiverRanch.com

Product news: You can now reserve your 2015 beef and pork online with a Credit Card or PayPal through our website. Beef will be available late August – October. Pork will be available December – April.

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