Indian Spiced Osso Bucco

This is quickly becoming one of our favorite comfort food dishes and ideal for a winter warming meal courtesy of our friend Deepak, owner of DesiPDX a food cart located in Portland’s Alberta Arts district serving Local Fare with Indian Flair, combining high quality locally sourced ingredients, Indian spices, and …

2016 Feast

Thank you all for helping make the 2016 Nehalem River Ranch Feast a success! We were blown away by how amazing all of you are, and so grateful to have such a supportive community of friends and customers and to be part of such a vibrant local farming community.   …

Turkeys Are Here!

We’re now taking reservations for our heritage Thanksgiving Turkeys!  This year we have Narragansett Turkeys available at $6.50/lb.  These birds are listed …

June 2015 Newsletter

Ranch news: Over the past 2 months we welcomed 31 new little steer and heifer calves, as well as 12 little piglets …

Healthy Food, Sustainably & Ethically Raised

By people who care.  We want the best for our families, our communities and our customers.

Happy, Healthy, Hogs

Snuggling in the pasture.

Chicken Tractor in the Pasture

(something here about using a chicken tractor and sustainable ranching?)

Cows with their Calves

We believe in the ethical treatment of our animals.  Unlike most conventional beef ranches that separate calves at an early age, we …

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