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Beef a La Carte Pricing (bulk pricing below)

  • Tenderloin Medallions (Filet Mignon)  $18/lb
  • Rib Eye or NY Steak  $16/lb
  • Flank / Skirt / Flat Iron / Tri-Tip / Top Sirloin steaks  $12/lb
  • Chuck / Eye of Round / Sirloin Tip / Round Steaks  $9/lb
  • Osso Bucco / Chuck and Cross Rib Roasts / London Broil / Brisket / Short Ribs / BBQ Rack of Ribs / Korean Style Ribs / Stew / Fajita Strips / Carne Asada  $8/lb
  • Ground Beef  $6.25/lb (new reduced price!)
  • Beef Jerky (regular, pepper, teriyaki) 4oz, $10
  • Soup / Marrow Bones  $3/lb (new reduced price!)
  • Fat for tallow, fry oil, soaps, etc  $2/lb

Preorder now for special USDA cuts like whole brisket, prime rib, or special cut instructions for particular cut!

Pork a La Carte Pricing

  • Rib or Loin Chops  $12/lb
  • Bacon $10/lb
  • Ground Pork (unseasoned, Italian or Breakfast) $8/lb

See below for discounted box pricing. Contact us with your cut selections and delivery option and we can put together a custom box for you!

See also Honey and Cheese below


Order Whole/Half/Quarter Direct

We primarily sell beef and pork directly meaning that customers buy a portion of an individual animal, pay the rancher based on the hanging weight and then pay the butcher a fee for killing, cutting and wrapping the animal. We sell in this way in order to avoid a long haul to a processing plant and keep our animals on-farm for slaughter. We work closely with Tillamook Meat (one of the only Animal Welfare Approved butchers in Oregon) who comes out to the ranch where animals are quickly and humanely killed and then transported to the butcher’s facilities for dry aging and cutting. By selling this way, we can ensure our animals have calm and peaceful lives up to the last minute.

Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass before cutting/wrapping hide, hooves and non-usable organs removed. Our hanging weights have averaged 625 pounds for a whole steer and 200 pounds for a whole pig. After dry aging (for beef only), removal of bones and cutting/wrapping, the packaged meat weight is typically 2/3 of the hanging weight depending on fat content and your cutting instructions (ie, deboning or bone-in). For beef this is typically 100lbs+ finished weight for a quarter share, for pork typically 65-75lbs. Soup bones, fat and offal (heart, liver, tongue) available with advance notice for no extra charge.

Note: 100lbs of beef or pork transports in a large cooler and will fit in a typical kitchen fridge/freezer (if you remove most everything else).

Beef Pricing:

  • Whole or Half Beef Share $4.25/lb hanging weight to rancher + $0.75/lb hanging weight to butcher + $100 flat butcher fee (or $50 for half).
  • Quarter Beef Share $4.50/lb hanging weight to rancher + $0.80/lb hanging weight to butcher + 1/4 of $90 flat butcher fee. (Save $ by cow-pooling with half and whole shares!)

A non-refundable deposit of $1000 whole/$600 half/$300 quarter will guaranteed your share and butcher date. The remainder of the payment balance will be calculated after slaughter and will be due prior to pick-up. Total/final price including butcher fees for quarter beef shares estimated to be approximately $840 or $540 after deposit ($795 total/quarter if you cow-pool with friends and order as half or whole share).

Email to RESERVE NOW and mail a check, or for paypal:


Beef Share Reservation


Whole/Half Pig $4.50/lb hanging weight to rancher + $1.15/lb hanging weight to butcher (includes smoking and curing) +$80 flat butcher fee.

A non-refundable deposit of $250 whole/$125 half will guarantee your share and butcher date. The remainder of the payment balance will be calculated after slaughter and will be due prior to pick-up. Total/final price including butcher fees for half pork shares estimated to be approximately $500.

Email to RESERVE NOW and mail a check, or for paypal: 

Pork Reservation

Beef and Pork Sampler Boxes

Ordering beef shares is the most economical, but for those with limited space or who want to try before ordering larger volumes we provide beef boxes at a discount over our a la carte pricing (aka Farmers Market or individual cut pricing). If the options below aren’t quite right, please Email us and we’ll be happy to see what we can put together for you.

Pork Sampler Box (aka mini-pork share) Limited Availability $285sold out

Pork shares available again early summer. If you have wanted to try a smaller order than half a pork share this is your chance. Each box contains 8 “double cut” thick pork chops, 2 pork steaks, one 3.5lb+ shoulder roast, 9lbs of ground pork (unseasoned, Breakfast, Italian, or Chorizo), 4lbs of bacon, and one 3.5lb ham. Smoking/curing/seasoning done by Tillamook Meat, normally only available for half and full pork shares.


Pick-Up Location




Ground Pork/Sausage Box $80 value for $70 – 10lbs

Enjoy the versatility of ground pork with or without seasoning! After ordering we will confirm your preferences among: unseasoned, breakfast, or Italian flavorings.

Ground Pork: unseasoned / breakfast / italian / chorizo
Pick-up Location

Beef Variety Box $100 value for $90 – Steak/Slow Cooker/Burger

Best way to get a taste for what a beef share will be like! 4lbs ground beef, 2 NY/RibEye/Tenderloin steaks, 2 Top Sirloin/Flank/Skirt steaks, 2.5-3lb roast/brisket, 2lbs Stew. Substitutions available, please ask!


Pick-Up Location




London Broil, Osso Bucco, Roast Sampler $60 value for $50

Thinly sliced London Broil, classic Italian (or Indian!) Osso Bucco, and braised or slow-cooker cuts have so many variations from different corners of the globe. These economical cuts are fun and tasty.

London Broil, Osso Bucco, Short Ribs

Ground and Steak Box $65 value for $60 – 4lbs ground beef, 4 steaks

Cover the basics – ground for a few quick weekday meals, then celebrate the weekend with an elegant steak dinner.  Steaks include New York, Rib Eye and Tenderloin steaks, or by request skirt, flatiron, flank, or hanger steaks. Steak pack sizes balanced for value. Email after ordering if you have strong preferences and we will try and accommodate!


Pick-Up Location

Ground Beef Box now available for $62.50 – 10lbs ground beef

Ground beef makes an easy addition to a dish or stand along as burgers. Small one pound vacuum packs allow quick thawing under water if you are like us and are running behind after a long day.


Ground Beef Boxes
Pick-up Location


Soup & Marrow Bones $10 / 3lb+ packages

Make your own grass-fed bone broth. A perfect pick-me-up or a nutritious base stock.

Soup & Marrow Bones


Beef Jerky $30 value for $24 – mix n match three 4oz packs

We finally found a custom jerky processor we love. All natural, no synthetic sodium nitrates AND you know where the beef comes from! Flavors include original/smoked, teriyaki and pepper. Three pack minimum. Email us or we can contact you for preferences.



Beef Jerky – email preferences on flavors
Pick-up Location


Raw Honey $36 / bulk 3lb quart mason jars

We host three beekeepers on our pollinator haven and help them sell their amazing products! We offer golden honey from predominantly blackberry/clover and dark Japanese “Bamboo” honey from the prolific Japanese Knotweed. Beekeepers have sought our property for the knotweed because it boosts hive health and produces a dark honey that looks similar to molasses-like buckwheat honey but has a more balanced, pleasant sweet flavor.



3lb quart jar
Pick-up Location


Cheese $12.50 / 1/2lb

We partner with Nestucca Bay Creamery, a fifth generation dairy in Tillamook County that converted to hand-made artisinal cheese. They are one of the relatively few all-pastured dairies (vs corn-fed confined cows) and for cheese wonks they vigorously test and maintain a herd that produces A2 milk (easier to digest).



1/2lb artisinal cheese
Pick-up Location



Have a specific package in mind? Looking for a different options or cuts? Email us and we’ll be happy to see what we can put together for you.

Pick-Up Schedule, pre-order required

Portland – Thursdays at Wilder Land and Sea in SE Pdx. Elsewhere in Metro area deliveries 2-3x per month. Select “Portland” for delivery and we will confirm a mutually convenient day/time. 

North Coast – Thursdays at North Coast Food Web in Astoria, Thursdays and Fridays at Food Roots in Tillamook or by appointment at Ranch or along hwy 101!

Vancouver/Southwest Washington – frequent delivery options

Place an order and/or Email us and we’ll confirm convenient delivery!

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