Our Animals

CATTLE: Our beef cattle are Herefords, a breed suited to our climate and who have a gentle disposition.   “Grass-fed/finished” means our cattle eat the diet of the grasses and legumes (pasture and grass silage cut on-farm) that cattle evolved to consume.  Our cattle are on pasture all year with free access to the barns where they have fresh straw bedding and water for refuge from winter storms.  In addition to pasture, they have all-you-can-eat access to home-cut silage, a nutritious sort of grass sauerkraut.

PIGS: We breed and raise heritage Guinea Hogs and Gloucestershire Old Spot crosses that spend their lives foraging on high-legume pasture and are fed grass silage and non-GMO grains.  Their diet is supplemented seasonally with forage crops grown on-farm.  These are calm, smaller, flavorful breeds suited to our climate.  They are excellent foragers with less of a rooting instinct than other pig breeds and are gentler on our pastures.  Both breeds are listed by the American Livestock Conservancy.  If you happen to be by for a visit, they very much enjoy belly-rubs!

POULTRY:  Our geese, broiler chickens, turkeys and laying hens spend their lives exploring fresh pasture daily.  They are fed a supplemental diet of non-GMO/soy-free/corn-free grains supplemented with seasonal farm-grown forage crops.  We have chosen heritage breeds which mature more slowly to a smaller size than the more conventional Cornish Cross broiler or broad-breasted turkeys.  All the poultry breeds we select are capable of reproducing and walking naturally.  We do not physically alter our poultry in any way.

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